On 2-3 December the Paris branch of EReNSEP* hosted an international conference on "France and Europe after Brexit”. The era of globalisation, dominant financialisation and blind adherence to the markets is coming to an end. There is a growing demand for restoring public control over markets, restructuring and democratizing the nation state, facing the ecological challenge and strengthening the social economy. These are the main discussed in Paris.

For Europe these are critical moments. The EMU has irrevocably failed, the European economy has no momentum, and anger and indignation are steadily growing among working people. Unfortunately the beneficiary is the hard Right, and even fascism. The European Left is paying dearly for its misguided acceptance of the ideology of Europeanism, its adhesion to the EU and EMU, its implicit acceptance of the neoliberal motto “There is no alternative”.

The clouds are gathering over Europe, and France is likely to be a focal point of the coming storm. There is still time for the Left to shape the direction of events but first it must shake off its old baggage and renew its proposals on economy, society and politics.

Having discussed the agenda and after exchanging views on crucial issues facing the future of Europe, the participants of the conference have co-signed a political statement. You can read the full statement here.

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*Organization Committee (EReNSEP France): Benjamin Birnbaum, Jeanne Chevalier, Hadrien Clouet, Alexis Cukier, Cedric Durand, Guillaume Etievant, Stathis Kouvelakis, Marlene Grange, Sebastien Villemot

In partnership with Fondation Gabriel Péri.