Thessaloniki, 26-27 April 2016

The workshop titled What is the future for Europe? was the first in a series of public events planned by EReNSEP and RMF for 2016. Our aim is to attract a broad alliance of progressive thinkers to provide a forum for serious debate on European policy. Participants at the workshop included academics from leading universities in Spain, France, Germany and elsewhere. Participants also included members of a wide range of political organisations actively seeking a new strategy, such as the Candidatura d’Unidat Popular (CUP) in Catalonia, the Parti de Gauche in France, the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (IDS) in Slovenia, and Die Linke in Germany. There was also a strong Greek intellectual and political presence.

The open political meeting on the evening of the 27th, at which Oskar Lafontaine and Costas Lapavitsas were keynote speakers, marked the launch of the European Research Network on Social and Economic Policy, a new initiative based in London, with offices in Greece, and Europe-wide membership. EReNSEP has two aims. First, to produce high-level, evidence-based work that would have an impact on the policy debate in Europe. Second, to organise events and political activities in line with the work produced. In brief, to combine grounded analysis with targeted political intervention challenging the European mainstream.

Workshop programme

Tuesday 26 April

Wednesday 27 April


Welcome address

Costas Lapavitsas


“A defective banking union”

Sergi Cutillas and Costas Lapavitsas


“The balance of fiscal and monetary policy in the EU”

Heiner Flassbeck


“Balance sheet after the EMU: Tricky but Manageable”

Cedric Durand and Sébastien Villemot




“International Trade and Sectoral Multipliers in Greece and EU”

Theodore Mariolis and Nikolaos Demiroglou


“Divergence and convergence in the EU”

Grigoris Zarotiadis


“Fundamental human rights in present-day Europe: the case of the refugees”

Spyros Marchetos


“Forcing change in Europe through National Disobedience”

Hadrien Clouet


“A Spanish success story?”

Antoni Soy


EReNSEP business meeting

Public Meeting, Wednesday 27 April, 19:00-21:00, Alexandros Cinema

“What is the future for Europe?”

Oskar Lafontaine and Costas Lapavitsas


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